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Who We Are

About Holistic Business Solutions

Holistic Business Solution is a solutions company with a mission.

The mission: To provide health and wellness entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to amplify their impact. 

We care deeply about holistic and alternative medicine which is why we decided to create a company that supports the individuals giving these gifts to humanity.   Moreover,  Holistic Business Solutions’ aim is to support each entrepreneur by  empowering, encouraging  and inspiring their individual efforts for the benefit of the collective.

With this perspective, we believe the work we do goes far beyond the benefit of our client by truly making an impact for their clients/patient and humanity as a whole.

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Medical Billing

By outsourcing your medical billing to HBS you save time and hassle all while giving greater focus to patient care.



You offer a great service- HBS will share it with the world.



You have the destination in mind. Our industry experienced consultants can help you draw the roadmap. 



Getting the right team in place can be any company’s biggest challenge. HBS can help.

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Our Approach

Knowing firsthand what it takes- We view each practice holistically and individually. Our highest regard is that of the goals set by the practitioner/ entrepreneur.


Our Intention

Our goal is to support the growth of health and wellness entrepreneurs BECAUSE we believe so strongly in alternative and holistic medicine. We believe that our work at Holistic business solutions will have a positive ripple effect.


Our Results

Because we are guided by a mission- and we take the time to understand the individual needs of each entrepreneur- we are highly successful in delivering the desired results amongst all of our solutions

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